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        What is MC

        Microcapsule (microcapsules MC) is a formulation application of microencapsulation technology, which allows solid or liquid active ingredients covered with the bladder wall material and becomes tiny saccate formulation. The so-called microencapsulation technique, is a technology which coats the disperse solid, liquid or gas to form fine particles with a natural or synthetic polymer material. Wherein the film forming material called wall material, and the coated material called core material. the microcapsule particle size is generally at l ~ 800 m. The technology isolates the objected body from the surrounding environment by the enclosed or semi-permeable membrane wall so as to protect and stabilize the core material, shielded odor or color, controlled release of the core material etc.

        Characteristics and Features

        e.g  Pendimethaline 45%CS
        Pendimethaline used to be 33%EC or 44%EC. However the color problem brings the user big headache.MC can take it easy.
        (2)the improved Stability
        e.g   Abamectin 5%CS
        Active ingredient used to degrade against UV and also not stable in the soil. MC helps Abamectin solve this problem.

        (3) Decrease the toxicity and sensitization
        e.g Lambda cyhalothrin 10%CS
             Pyrethyroid products always irritates the skin. MC can decrease the irritation dramatically. Make the user happy.
         It also can be public health product. It is approved by WHO to control Malaria etc tropic disease.

        (4) Long period control
        Eg. Clomazone 36%CS
        The active ingredient is easy to volatilize. MC can block it happen and make the affection longer. Not necessary to apply the product many times.


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