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How to Carry Out Experimental Demonstration Efficiently

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How to Carry Out Experimental Demonstration Efficiently

With the deepening of service and fierce competition, how to provide better and more effective service to customers has become a topic of common concern. Under the leadership of General Manager Oreo.Yum, OASIS deeply understands that improving service awareness and service ability is the foundation of future development. Therefore, we often organize relevant training to better serve customers.


Experimental demonstration is the first step for most products to develop new markets and crops, and a successful experimental demonstration will make our product promotion more effective. To this end, we organized a training on how to carry out experimental demonstration efficiently.

Manager Hu is doing training


  1. Purpose: Compare and clarify product selling points, determine the promotion direction, verify product effects, and clarify product mix and solutions.


  2. Selection of experimental field:

   a.The experimental field should be close to the roadside and convenient for later observation and other promotion activities;

   b.The technology of the owner of the experimental field cannot be too high or too low in the local area, and has a certain prestige and sharing spirit;

   c.The planting area of the experimental field should be at the upper middle level in the local area.


  3. Determine the scheme:

   a.Usage of product;

   b.Experimental gradient;

   c.Control object;

   d.Data adjustment scheme and return visit scheme.


  4. Material collection: Mainly collect the situation of experimental field and the occurrence of diseases and insect pests.


  5. Experiments: Pay attention to the method of pesticide application according to crops, pests and diseases.


  6. Return visit and experiment report: The main purpose of return visit is to clarify the control efficiency of products and provide data for promotion in other regions.

Everyone is listening carefully


As practitioners in the pesticide industry, we always keep our mission in mind, keep learning, strive for innovation, and strive to build an efficient, professional and cohesive team. With high-quality products, good reputation and thoughtful service, we can provide better solutions for farmers and better services for our customers.



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