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Emamectin Benzoate 2%+Tolfenpyrad 10%

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1. Ratio: emamectin 1.8% (emamectin benzoate 2%)+ tolfenpyrad 10%

2. Dosage form : SC

3. Target pests: It has a high control effect on all kinds of insects and mites of Chiroptera, Hemiptera, Beetles, Hymenoptera and Diptera, and has a remarkable control effect on thrips and tea leafhoppers.

4. Reasons why thrips are difficult to control

4.1 Concealment: Thrips are photophobic, hide in the daytime and come out an night  (sometimes hiding in the gap of soil layer). Harming plants on the back of the leaves and inside the flowers, which are difficult to detect.

4.2 Fast: Thrips are extremely small and difficult to detect. The nymphs can fly and jump, and once they appear, they spread quickly and are difficult to prevent.

4.3 Strong reproduction ability: Only 14 days from egg to nymph, generations alternate, 7-8 generations a year, there is a strong overlap of generations.

4.4 Temperature: in some periods, the temperature is more appropriate, which provides external conditions for the outbreak of thrips.

4.5 Strong resistance to pesticides: After long-term evolution, thrips have formed different levels of pesticide resistance to organophosphorus, carbamates, neonicotines, pyrethroids and microbial pesticides.

5. Advantages of certificates and products

5.1 Unique certificate: There are relatively few certificates for tolfenpyrad in China.At present, there are 8 certificates for single agent, compound and technical. Among them,there is only one compound with emamectin benzoate.

5.2 Rapid action and almost zero resistance: as a compound whose patent expired in 2008, the number of certificates and years of promotion are limited.

5.3 Unique formula and production process: add special additives to improve ductility, thus improving  product effect.

6. Usage

Dilute 500-750 times, and spray on leaves.

7. Matters need attention

In order to delay the development of pesticide resistance, it is suggested to use it alternately with other products.

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