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Tetraconazole 5%+Bupirimate 25%

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1. Ratio: Tetraconazole 5% + Bupirimate 25%

2. Dosage form: emulsion in water(EW)  

3. Mainly target disease: powdery mildew

A. The pain points of powdery mildew that are difficult to prevent are:

1. There are nearly 650 kinds of pathogenic bacteria, which have a high probability of causing disease.

2. The disease environment is prone to occur, and the environment with high temperature and poor ventilation is more prone to disease.

3. The germs multiply fast, spread through the air, and the transmission route is difficult to isolate.

4. It is easier to produce drug resistance, and most of the compounds on the market have serious resistance.


B. Product advantages:

1. Fast absorption and redistribution: fast systemic conduction, excellent lipophilicity and hydrophilicity, all-round protection;

2. The formula has been developed for many years and is more efficient: the latest generation of triazole fungicides, matched with the upgraded version of ethoxynol sulfonate, has a three-fold increase in fungicidal activity;

3. Long lasting period: resistant to rain erosion, long lasting period, lasting for more than 20 days;

4. Safe to crops: the new triazole fungicide does not inhibit the production of gibberellic acid in the body and does not inhibit crop production;

5. Various modes of action: useful for the whole growth period of germs, with preventive treatment and eradication effect.


C. Usage

750 times-1000 times, foliar spray


D. Matters need attention

1. Do not use it continuously in each growing season. It is best to use it in rotation with other fungicides with different mechanisms of action;

2. Use it up to 3-4 times in each growing season, and increase the number of applications in severely ill fields;

3. Emphasize the use of mixed with protective fungicides.



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