Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

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WHY  we name ourself as OASIS?
Our main focus is to protect the harvest with high efficiency and environment-friendly agrochemicals, so we believe that the farm could be like an OASIS in the dessert with our services.
WHY establish HIMS?
we realized that in order to achieve our goal we need Human sources, Innovation to fulfill Market demands successfully and all those things are impossible to achieve without work team we need to Share and work all together.
Our vision
We would like to establish a platform where the demands and problems of the farmers can be met efficiently.
How we do
1.Sales team is consisted of Agronomist
2.Plant protection practice and experience guarantee the feasibility of our solutions.
3.Contracted labs carry on R&D works well
4.Registration team brings supports to future sales.

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Trading Office: 23G liangfeng Plaza,NO8 Dongfang Road,Pudong,Shanghai. China

About us

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