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Magical Emamectin Benzoate 5.7%ME

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Magical Emamectin Benzoate 5.7%ME

OASIS and Silver Agricultural Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as Yinnong) carry out strategic cooperation in order to provide customers with better products. OASIS will give priority to the layout of emamectin benzoate 5.7% ME overseas in the future, and Yinnong will also provide us with the most stable and reliable products.


Why is emamectin benzoate 5.7% ME more effective and safer than other similar products?

1Special adjuvants and solvents are added to the formula to improve the water solubility, ductility and  permeability of the product.

2. Higher standards and stricter management measures to improve product quality. The general standard of the storage stability at elevated temperature of pesticides in China is 54℃ for 14 days, while our standard is 65℃ for 14 days, which greatly reduces the risk of product degradation during shipping.


Advantages of emamectin benzoate 5.7%Me:

1.Quick effect

a. In Huizhou, Guangdong Province,the experiments on beans showed that the death rate of thrips could reach 93% after applying pesticides in 50ml/15L water for 7 hours. The rate of dead insects reached 72.4% after 8 hours and 94% after 24 hours when pesticide was applied in 30ml/15L water. In Huizhou, under the same dosage of other emamectin benzoate with the same content, the 7-hour insect mortality rate is less than 65%, and the 24-hour insect mortality rate is 85%.


The effect display of 50ml/15L water


Experiment in progress


Observation after pesticide application


b. In Pengzhou, Sichuan Province, the experiment on pepper showed that after 14 hours of pesticide application with 30ml/15L water, the dead rate of thrips could reach more than 98%. Compared with other companies with the same content of emamectin benzoate, the efficiency of killing insects in 14 hours is nearly 85%, which is far lower than the 98% of Huizhou Yinnong.

30ml/15L water, pepper experiment


c. In Hangzhou,Zhejiang Province,the experiment on watermelon showed that after 6 hours of pesticide application with 30ml/L water, the death rate of thrips was over 99%. The 5.7% emamectin benzoate WDG 6 hours death rate of other companies is less than 80%.

Before                                                        After


d. The experiment on roses in Kunming, Yunnan Province,due to the  strong resistance of local rose thrips, we carried out the experiment with 50ml/15L water,and the late observation showed that the death rate of thrips could reach over 99% after 24 hours.

Spraying pesticides                            Observation after 24 hours


Summary: At present, in many areas of China, it normally takes 12 hours for the dead rate of thrips to reach 85% in flowering period, which shows that our emamectin benzoate has a faster effect than other products.


2Long-term efficacy

In Shandong, the main vegetable supply province in China, the local pest resistance is the highest in the country, and the efficacy of emamectin benzoate that is better locally can only last for 7-8 days. The experiment at the pepper planting base in Shanghe, Shandong show that the number of thrips was basically 0 after 11 days of pesticide application with 30ml/15L water.

             Before                    11 days after pesticide application


3. High safety

The new shoots of watermelon are very sensitive parts, but the diseases have to be controlled with pesticides frequently during flowering,which causes damage to the new shoots and brings great losses to fruit farmers.

For this reason, we have done experiments specially. Experiments were carried out within the recommended dosage range, and the results showed that no phytotoxicity was caused.

 Experiment in progress                                  Test field


Return visit and observation          No harm to new shoots


4Compared with spinetoram

As a patented product of Dow, spinetoram has a very good performance on many crops and corresponding pests. It is mainly used to control lepidopteran larvae, thrips and leaf miners, etc., against diamondback moth and beet armyworm. , Leaf miner, thrips, Spodoptera litura, and bean pod borer have good control effects. Affected by factors such as limited production of the original drug and high distribution of promotion costs, the price of spinetoram is higher! In China, the retail price of 60g/L Ethyl Multikill SC100ml specification is 80 yuan/pack. In Shanghe, Shandong, we compared the 5.7% emamectin benzoate with 60g/L ethyl polychloride for capsicum thrips! The experimental results show that, to ensure that it has the same effect as 5.7% emamectin benzoate, 60g/L ethyl polyoxa requires at least 15ml, which is 12 yuan/15L water, while emamectin benzoate only needs 7.5 yuan/15L water ( Domestic Huizhou Yinnong 5.7% emamectin benzoate sells for 25 yuan/100ml)! It can be seen from the comparison that the cost performance of 5.7% emamectin benzoate microemulsion is much higher than that of 60g/L ethyl polyoxal.


5Highly effective against Spodoptera frugiperda

Since the second half of 2019, Spodoptera frugiperda began to wreak havoc in China, and its pesticide resistance is very strong, which greatly increases the difficulty of control.

The main factors that are difficult to control are as follows:

a. Strong reproduction ability. The reproductive ability of Spodoptera frugiperda is very strong.Under normal circumstances, a female moth lays nearly 2,000 eggs. Its growth ability is also very strong, and it can survive normally in various environments. It can also parasitize  and has a wide host range. It can parasitize not only corn, but also rice, millet and other food crops, and even grow on weeds. The most important thing is that it has the ability to migrate, which leads to the rapid spread and the expansion of the affected area.

b. High pesticide resistance. Spodoptera frugiperda has antibodies to various pesticides, and the control effect of various pyrethroid pesticides is not very obvious. In China, because Spodoptera frugiperda is an exotic species, it has no natural enemies, so it grows very fast. And because Spodoptera frugiperda is a pest from America and is very common on corn, local farmers frequently use pesticides, which naturally leads to a large number of antibodies produced by Spodoptera frugiperda. Therefore, after invading China, they carried antibodies themselves, which caused many pesticides to be ineffective.

For this new pest, emamectin benzoate 5.7%ME shows its strong advantages.

                        Insect attack                          The death rate reached 94% after 24h


Summary: After applying pesticides for 24 hours, the death rate of Spodoptera frugiperda can reach more than 94%, which is much higher than other products.



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