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Magical Adjuvant-Silicone

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Magical Adjuvant-Silicone

1. What is silicone?

Agricultural silicone is mainly composed of ethoxy modified trisiloxane, which is a special silicone surfactant modified by polyether and chemically synthesized. It has super spreadability, excellent permeability, high-efficiency internal absorption and conductivity, which can effectively reduce the surface tension of pesticides and enhance the adhesion of pesticides on the surface of plants.

Transparent liquid- silicone

As we all know, pesticides are essential in the process of crop management, but there are many drawbacks in the process of using pesticides. One is cost, the other is environmental pollution, and the third is pesticide resistance. The high production cost of modern pesticides leads to high sales price. If a large amount of pesticides are used, the planting cost will increase and the farmers' income will decrease. As for the environment, the extensive use of pesticides leads to environmental pollution and pesticide residues, which seriously affects the ecological environment. If the concentration of pesticide is too low, the insecticidal effect will not be achieved, on the contrary, it will easily cause phytotoxicity and environment pollution. At the same time, there is a problem that good products are used repeatedly, which will accelerate the production of crop resistance. The main reason is the poor effect of other products. If silicone is added in the process of using these products, the effect will be improved, and the frequency of continuous use of a certain product will be reduced, thus delaying the emergence of resistance.

Farmers' smiles


Adding synergists to pesticides is the most common method. Pesticide synergist is an important adjuvant in pesticides, which has no activity in itself, but when mixed with corresponding pesticides, it can obviously improve the utilization rate of pesticides. Silicone is a kind of synergist widely used in agricultural production at present, so what are the characteristics when silicone is mixed with pesticides?

a. Good wettability: The silicone solution can easily wet almost all kinds of leaf surfaces, so that the pesticide solution can reach the place that is difficult to wet (such as the bottom of the leaf), and promote the rapid absorption of the pesticide solution;

b. Significantly improve the efficacy: Silicone additives have strong resistance to rain erosion and penetration, can significantly improve the effective utilization of pesticides, and increase the efficacy by 30-50% (reduce the amount of use by 30-50%),and are safe to the environment;

c. Increase the spraying area: The outstanding feature of agricultural silicone additives is the super expansion ability, the rapid expansion and the expansion area is much larger than the ordinary liquid (172 times the expansion area of water), which greatly increases the probability of pesticide liquid contacting the control target;

d. Cost saving: Adding agricultural silicone additives in the spraying process can reduce the use amount and water consumption of pesticides per unit area, reduce labor costs.


2. Under what circumstances is it more suitable to add silicone?

Adding silicone can reduce the surface tension of pesticides and enhance the wetting and adhesion ability of pesticides on the plant surface. It can also be understood that it can improve the adhesion and permeability of pesticides; For some crops with thick waxy leaves, it can promote the efficacy. Therefore, there will be a question here: Do we need to add silicone when preparing pesticides?


What we need to know is that silicone is not omnipotent. If the pesticide is used in a high temperature environment or the wax layer of the leaf itself is thin, it is not suitable to add silicone because it may cause phytotoxicity. The principle is that silicone will decompose the stratum corneum of leaf epidermal cells, which leads to the decrease of water-holding capacity of plants, cell damage and phytotoxicity. Another reason is that if silicone is added to some fungicides with good permeability, it will easily lead to excessive efficacy and cause phytotoxicity.

Plant symptoms of wrong use of silicone


3. The advantages of Oasis Silicone

a. Cooperate directly with the technicals manufacturer, the price and supply are guaranteed;

b. Add vegetable oil to lower the risk of phytotoxicity;

c. Advanced production technology improves the efficiency of pesticide expansion and penetration, and is resistant to rain erosion.

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